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  1. it was really good, it was nightmare telling who apart with friendly's and enemy's 5/5/5
  2. current map is just mid
  3. Name: Duff Staff Rank: NA Are you VIP?: yes Date: 05/04/2024 Reason for leaving: i cant spend more time into being staff Farewells: bye, had fun, see you lot later.
  4. Really fun, the zombies were really weak though.
  5. 1+ man your the best, keep it up man
  6. Staff Rank: New Admin Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 10/03/2024 to 23/03/2024 Reason: Need a break from the server and need to focus on life. Do you understand that if you go on LOA/ROA while holding a leadership position, a named character position, or a position with limited slots you may lose your position?: yes i do Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your staff/leadership position?: yes i do
  7. Had fun killing the civilians, ha war crimes
  8. RP Name: Duff Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:718858974 VIP (Y/N): Yes Age: 15 Timezone: British standard Time Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): I have a lot of reasonable reasons to become a administrator, my first reason to bump the EU administrators to +! because i dont really see that many EU administrators in game, in my battalion or even in other battalions. Reason 2, Due to me gaining of a Green company officer position, my responsibility's and duties have doubled, and with the map, we dont really have a good dupe for our Green company try-out, and with me being a person who lives in the EU i have some much time before people actually get on. Alongside that i have massive passion for building, creating for a cause and for a great reason that gives me another great duty that might be bestowed of me. Third reason, When i join in the morning (witch is around 11am BST) i see no administrators on, so i have had enough of EU administrators not being on at that time, so i have i am here to ask politely for me to be given this role that i will be take and be a role model for future administrators to come. Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): I have wide verity of things to describe me but to short the massive paragraph i am hardcore roleplay extremist, a loyal friend, an star wars lore expert, a great person to meet and greet, master in-game tactician strategized so i am a dependable soldier to rely on, a huge help to people and others and trust worthy person to people within the game so there will be no reason to not trust me at all. Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: Sadly i have not had any staff experience but i am looking forward to gain that experience in my journey as a new administrator. How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server?: I around 275 hours to say but i cant be sure but i am sure that i have sunk a lot of my life in this sever.
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