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Blocked Props question

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Why are there completely random props blocked from being spawned?   Fridges,  Lockers, Rocks, etc have been blocked recently and I know for a fact SAs/GMs used to be able to spawn them.   I've been told by several people who are not HS that these were done for "toxicity" reasons and the potential to crash to the server. 
Some of the base models in Garry's Mod from PHX I can fully understand.  What doesn't make sense are props we have used before have been randomly blocked and the fact some of these are base HL2 models. 


I am genuinely confused as to why we have these blocked now.   See the last bit of my comment above. 

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i miss our holocrons in the vault being real holocrons and not some shitty 1x1 being textured :PepeHands:

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May just be a mistake in terms of accidentally blacklisting props during bigger processes. In the past I requested with GMD approval to get some props whitelisted and they were, specifically the combine trains as they don't have any harm that could be done to the server. May be worth collecting a list and running it like that. If they aren't something like ragdolls or other entities that will make the server go down in a way, I am sure it can get approved some way even if it takes a little since it isn't a huge priority.

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Question Answered

I added the Pepe emojis onto the forums

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