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  1. I can't say I'm surprised to see your application. I worked with you for a while, and I've always seen you put 110% into Bounty Hunter. +1 We haven't always agreed on everything, and we were never close, but I respect your leadership capabilities. I think you're the best fit for this position, and you can take Bounty Hunter far.
  2. Dono? For Yularen? Hell, you've even got Comics convinced. +1
  3. You could have just left it at racism or said nothing at all. Or heck, even seem the slightest bit remorseful, this just makes you seem proud of it. Sorry not sorry, but if you think it's ok to yell racial or homophobic slurs in any environment, you are the last person that should be considered for staff. A staff member's job is to keep the server safe from bullying and harmful behaviors. Who's to say you don't treat the players here the same way, just behind closed doors?
  4. -1 Didn't you get removed for yelling racial slurs on Icefuse? If I'm mistaken please let me know, otherwise not cool bro.
  5. He's probably one of the most active regimentals as of late, what are you on about
  6. -1 Between the huge GM team, all the staff members, and the large amount of VIPs, if you can't find any helpers that's on y'all to encourage it tbh.
  7. Sigh... +1 You're a great reg, and you have the balls to stick it to the rest of the hicom. You listen to the players. You're one of the good ones.
  8. Thank you for answering all of my questions. You have spirit, man. I like you. I'm changing my -1 to a +1 I like your responses, and you've been informative with every response. I feel like you at least deserve an interview.
  9. +1 go man go! I've seen you lead, you have DU support, fucking do it man!
  10. I'm gonna go through this piece by piece. I hope you don't take this as rude, I simply mean to give constructive criticism. I will say now, based on your listed experience, you have never been any rank above Lt. Colonel. You've also only been a Junior Officer or lower in other battalions than Doom's unit, which to me, is a red flag. This is a really big rank jump, and could seem like a large power grab, especially seeing as this isn't even your current regiment. However, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. Do you think you can handle a position of this caliber, given you've never been in such a high position on Synergy? This section of the application is meant to explain what makes you fit for the position, but I feel instead you turned it into a secondary place to explain some of your plans, which there is already a question designed to give you a space to do that. There is nothing about you here. I think this section explains why you should become a Game Master more than it does a Regimental Commander. What makes you worthy of this position? We know what you want to do, but anyone could do these things. What makes you the best fit? I'm glad you went and spoke to the battalions before doing this, but that seems like all you did. I don't see anywhere where you say how you want to get it there other than 'help in any way I can'. All this really says to me is "As Regimental Commander, I plan to do my job". I suppose my question is why do you need to be a Regimental Commander to help these battalions get to where they need to be? What do you plan to do with the position that a BCMD cannot to help these battalions? How will you give CG a new image? How do you plan to make 41st more roleplay serious? 41st has a reputation of being a mingy battalion. How do you seek to remedy this as a Regimental? Overall: In my opinion, this application is very weak. - Your experience is lacking. Lt. Col is the highest rank you've ever held, and your first time as a Senior Officer. Your current battalion isn't even in the 10th regiment. This is a big jump. - You didn't tell us anything about yourself, instead using the first big section to describe the first half of your plans, most of which was a deployment idea, which to me has very little to do with the actual regiment. - You spoke with all the battalions. but I still think this section is a little weak. There's not much substance other than "I will help the battalions". (RESCINDED) I don't think now is your time. I think the application is weak, and says nothing about you. The plans are generic, or are less plans and more statements about the way things are now. I don't think you're ready to be a Regimental Commander right now.
  11. Well, for one, Snad who came back as a perma master after a year and got Yoda a month and a half later and brought back old people things (not all bad, but an example) Nothing against Snad, but he's definitely an old head. At least for Jedi.
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