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  1. Good stuff thanks for letting me help! 9/10
  2. 8/10 cool map hope to see it used more, fun event
  3. 9/10 was fun being interrogated for an hour
  4. 9/10 for the part i was there for it was fun, excited to see what else you got planned
  5. 9/10 very fun, enjoyed the point system very much
  6. 9/10 beginning was awesome and stayed great whole way through
  7. 10/10 had fun with player driven rp excited to see next part
  8. 9/10 Very fun, thank you for including us
  9. 9/10 was very fun till the crash
  10. 10/10 awesome time playing as 327th
  11. 8/10 Fun in character RP
  12. 9/10 great intercom rp and very fun
  13. 10/10 always love shockpoint events, never seems to fail
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