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  1. 9/10 I usually don't like deployments, but I must say I geniuinely enjoyed this one a lot. Good space combat and interesting story.
  2. 10/10 will miss your events
  3. 7/10 You used my brig a lot and that's not cool
  4. 8/10 Seemed fun, but happened during Mingecon and Duty first, so I could only see the end of it
  5. 8.5/9 Was quite entertaining.
  6. +1 Really dedicated member of the server who definitively deserves this privilege
  7. 7/10 was good but I personally believe the skies were a clusterf since there were numerous clone pilots as well as CIS ships
  8. 9/10 got the Darksaber and hid it. Edit: It also was really entertaining
  9. 8/10 Really cool and interesting, plus we got to kill Peel for treason
  10. Xenomasse

    Sith Assault

    9/10 "WINNING"-Anakin spamming comms
  11. 8/10 was fun but it was too long
  12. 8/10 lasted for more than what I expected, but Gambit cried and overall was really fun
  13. 8/10 Good dupes and quick fun
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