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  1. +1 Its alright... overrated as fuck in my opinion
  2. Bug Type (Server:): CW Severity level (Low - Medium - High): Medium Evidence (if you can): N/A Description of the bug: As an [GM] New Admin I am not able to switch to event job whitelist. I was told that the GM for NA as well as VIP are combined permissions How can we recreate it: Server Issue
  3. Who helped (If applicable): Monty, Art, and Crispy Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Essentially a group of 4 (2 Reprogrammed Commando Droids, a galaxy renown headchef and a Mercenary ) were sent to post up there "new republuc restaurant" However the Head Merceneary had other plans and wanted republic intel. They Escaped however the Renown Headchef had no clue what was going on.... Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: No Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  4. Attack: 212th, 501st, DU Recon: 05, RANCOR and 41st Spec: CG, GM, and 104th Attack: 212th and 501st : Attack for obvious reason DU: Are needed on the front lines and they use there shields to push forward on attack with CQC type situations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recon: RANCOR and 41st: Obviously do recon and such 05 Battalion: Is the wildcard however they did conduct covert recon mission on CIS Property and helped gather intel for future republic attacking plans. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specialized: CG-> Keeping the Peace/Military Police GM-> EOD, Tech, Biohazard situations or extreme weather 104th-> Negotiations and Armor support This would be the best way in my opinion
  5. +1 Well written and it has good content inside the post.
  6. +1 Bane's universal goals hit every single point that is needed to be understood. Get the party started man
  7. Midlife

    Battle of Endor

    3/3/4 The event had good story line. What you should have done is prop blocked certain areas with like rocks and make a path that leads to the enemy base. Then spawn droids around the path leading to the area. But there was an area were you could just go straight to the base. All of this if placed would have slowed the progress of the republic forces and you could control the speed of it.
  8. +1 This guy has been doing a good job at leading his battalion into battle and with the lack of a 14th Sector Regimental Commander he can not be promoted up and grow. However BCMD is a very huge step from Major however he has the maturity and the dedication to grow into that position. He will need a lot of guidance on what to do as it is his first CMD term but I see a lot of growing oppurtunity.
  9. 3/4/5 After fighting the droids off and back into CY from MHB. I was confused on how they got to the HMC and begin turning off stuff. The drop pods left over after the first initial assault has a crazy amount of droids come out like 15-20 so it was just very overwelming. As you said it was an event for us to shoot at stuff and you did give us that so thank you.
  10. +1 He roleplays very well and he enjoys doing it.
  11. RP Name: Alpha-66 1stLT Muzzle Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:207780887 VIP (Y/N): Y Age: 17 Timezone: CST Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): I want to become an administrator to service the synergy community. From observing the last few weeks I have noticed that the ticket acceptance rate takes a while. I have to wait normally 1-2 mins for it to be accepted. I also want to become a GM on the server to build better dupes for off world deployments and to create stories. I also want to show new players that we are a friendly server when they first join. Something I also see is that new CTs are not shown around the map after they have been trained. It really is always about the orginal interaction with new players that keeps them on the sever. I know that everyone has there bad days on the server but you need to show your best attitiude as much as possible but maintain having fun on the server. It never hurts to be friendly and interactive with people of the community! Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): I have had a lot of exprience with GMOD and with people. I am a friendly person I do not have really any beef with anybody. I love F1 Racing I love just racing in general not just F1. I love Yeat the music creator he has got some bomb ass music. I have loved star wars since I saw the original movies. I have always been a strategist at heart even when I was a little kid with legos and star wars action figures. This is me! Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: I have been an NA on this server my time as staff was brief on synergy. I have also achieved Elite Administrator on Icefuse. I was also a TRO - Trainer Officer. I was in the GM program over there as well. I was in a program called Recruitment that allowed me to educate new Trial moderators and build them up into quality staff members. I was also a GM on Calamity Networks. How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server?: Over 1500
  12. Name: Midlife SteamID: STEAM_0:0:207780887 How long have you played on the server? [Hours]: Over 1500 hrs From 1-10, what would you rate your knowledge of the Clone Wars?: 8/10 Why do you want to join the Gamemaster team?: I want to join the Gamemaster team because of my creativity with dupes and it gives a customization to the server so it is not the same old map with the same landscapes. I have worked on dupes that involve modified sections of the map. As well as on ship training that involve spawning dupes. I have also made pretty good story lines along with these dupes. I want to continue to bring the so called training/events to the server. However with the prop restrictions I go threw a lot of trial and error as far as what I can use. If I do get GM I can build dupes that can be used in events that help the players have a more immersive time on the server. As well I can do event server deployments that can deploy certain units like Delta squad, CF99, Alpha ARC, Green Company. Essentially I can make pretty cool dupes and add on to current maps with the dupes I create. Do you understand that if you are inactive, you will be removed from the program?: Yes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LRhuKyocILtSrPTqNDO_ZBLW6c3gaUfINrTZdbAOKbg/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QEANcZKK_KdmZDUemv2ggpS8eUqFSpcfeuplFbB4SEo/edit?usp=sharing If you have any questions please ask!
  13. +1 Very friendly person in game
  14. Midlife


    4/5/5 Hella fun with fighting the EJs it was awesome to fight on a custome ship.

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