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Hi !

Just fairly new to the community having just joined less than a week ago. Honestly.. I've enjoyed my stay so far ! Everyone's really friend and I feel that I'm getting comfortable with the community as the days go by.

I've only recently gotten back to CWRP mainly because I have a fair bit of spare time these days and I kinda wanted to see how it is nowadays. What I really liked about this server is how Rancor was implemented because back in my day Rancor used to be a completely separate regiment from ARCs and are often in competition with other 'spec ops' regiments ( ARCs vs Rancor vs Alpha ARCs vs Null ARCs, etc ). Not to brag but I kinda tried pushing the type of system that the server has with regards to ARCs/Rancor way back in 2017/18 but for some reason- server owners just kept denying that suggestion and as previously mentioned, always had ARCs and Rancor as separate regiments. As *probably* the very first person to run Rancor Battalion in all of GMod CWRP- I'm overjoyed to see how Rancor and ARCs are being run in the server.

This time around- I kind of just want to keep my experience as casual as possible. I told myself that I only wanted to stay as a CT but I ended up joining Rancor again.. haha. I joined in hopes of learning new things that I haven't yet experienced before.


I hope to get to meet most if not all of you in-game and I hope I get to stay for a long while !

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Welcome to the community!

Current: Nothin :)
Former: Shadow Company Enlisted | RANCOR Captain Kase | RANCOR Alpha-22 "Aven" | RANCOR Alpha-26 "Maze" | RC-1140 "Fixer" 212th Ghost Company Trapper, Gearshift, Threepwood | First Rav Bralor

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Welcome! Hopefully we get to see more of you!



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