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Restart - Undead Survivors

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Name: Restart

Who helped (If applicable): Blackberry , Whataburger , Fulgur , Fearsome , Killz , Meaty , Mundus , Booha.

Event/Encounter Name: Undead Survivors


Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided):  Two Scientist are Turning Troops to Zombies and three troops are captured by the scientist. The troopers on anaxes are sent to GEO to locate and get the troopers back after getting these troopers the scientist are interrogated


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wrong name
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7/10 The ending could have been done so much better. For example since you had a virus that does affect troopers have an infected CT blow up the LAAT or something.

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I'm not rating because I didn't participate but next time don't kick a MEDO out of medbay while training two people just to spawn Zombies for 30 seconds... Not cool at all.

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Current: 2ndACC Lt.Col Barlex

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  • Restart changed the title to Restart - Undead Survivors

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