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    7/10 up until we got to the first console. 4/10 after that. It wasn't bad but much of it felt unnecessary, I now understand you were attempting to interpret an already existing story but while in the event it felt unsatisfying. I was hoping the smart link was going to be something for us to remember at a later time but it seems irrelevant now. I cloaked and infiltrated and looked for the blue key card for maybe 15 minutes and I still have no idea who found it or where it was found. The ending was badly executed as finding out we all died from a comms message while we stand around each other was confusing, I truly thought the naval was lying for some reason. Also not being given a warning other than "hey I'm planting it right now maybe run" makes it seems like they don't care about our lives or their own.
  2. +1 Great event ideas and I think he would be a good fit for this position.
  3. Fike

    Commando 4269

    6/10 Pretty normal encounter no problems I could see, and although it may not fit the character as well having commando droids do something more than just mindlessly kill for once was good
  4. Fike

    Lux-y day

    7/10 pretty normal event but because I was able to cloak in and assist from inside aurek I had lots of fun
  5. 7/10 Was only there for the ending half but the dupe is great and the droids were challenging
  6. Fike

    Spec Deployment

    8/10 never had so much fun being so confused only wish we could have killed more things
  7. 9/10 lots of fun as an civilian being interrogated and sith assassin
  8. 7/10 I wasn't there for all of it but the action was packed and the dupes were creative
  9. 7/10 Didn't get to participate in the entire encounter but what I did get to do was fun
  10. 7/10 better than most infection events and late night stuff is always appreciated
  11. 7/10 fun event on a slow day I enjoyed hacking the medical droid but I wish he could tell me grievous's dirty little secret
  12. Fike

    Tag/Spookz Event

    8/10 Fun story and combat all around good event
  13. 8/10 linking events with an object instead of a person made it more memorable and fun
  14. 6/10 having a battle on both anaxes and tython made it less of a waiting around sim
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