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  1. RIP old friend one day we will reunite but until then rest easy
  2. about damn time CG got some good ol'fashioned ooc hate, fuck those guys, keep up the good work in OOC guys!
  3. came to the conclusion it wasn't worth it lmao
  4. Suits Season 3 Episode 7 I have been binge watching this show recently and it has had me on the edge of my seat since episode 1
  5. coming from the most forgettable Jedi master to exist…..
  6. Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core RTX 2080 SUPER 32gig forgot device model (Sorry) Alienware proprietary 0NWN7M 850W 1 TB SSD M.2 2TB HDD Buncha fans
  7. TBH with you I only ever played on one laptop and it was from MSI it was honestly quite good for a laptop in 2018, but don't expect AMAZING frames on a game like COD, you can run movies, GMod and what ever else but don't expect some ungodly performance. But brand wise MSI is what I recommend they make some really good laptops and people might give me shit for saying this but some Dell stuff can be quiet decent.
  8. Ya know the first time I met you I had mix feelings about you and then I left so I don't have a fucking clue about you so here's what imma do, imma crawl back into my retiree chair and stop voting on apps but from what I have heard +1 now I shall go back to my wheel chair and my constraints of the insane asylum that I am being kept in...
  9. Can someone explain to me why the fuck everyone is resigning like what the hell...also welcome to the retiree club enjoy your stay
  10. Ya know I check these forums every once and a while and when I see an Eva staff app I have to +1 now I get it retired people voting on apps is cringe but I am still +1ing.
  11. o7 my 187th brother goes back home, dude man it’s been a fucking ride. We kind of drifted apart since the 187th and DU days and it sucked but it is what it is. Man I saw you as a mentor in the 187th and you taught me so much man so thank you so much. It’s gonna suck to not see you here anymore but keep in contact.

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