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  1. VIPs for GM? If you opened up the program to the community, I'm sure you would find a fair few people volunteering and offering fresh events and narratives as opposed to continuing to force people to slug through staff ranks and take up other server responsibilities. By the time people get GM as staff, I wouldn't be surprised if they were burnt out/demotivated. +1
  2. Can't blame a man for trying, look at other communities, and compare the amount of entertainment they get v this servers, it's always a possibility, you got heaps of people who want to GM, but don't want to fill staff quotas.
  3. Allow VIPs to apply for GM and you'll see the quality of events increase, as well as the motivation to host them. Would fix all your problems.
  4. It's a GMOD server, you're allowed to stray away from the time line a little bit, don't see why these guys can't have it if they want it for their battalion. +1
  5. I enjoyed reading the segments where Kal slipped into civ clothes, and walked around with his jacket. +1
  6. During my time as Null, Rezdor was a excellent leader, and a fine role model, I'm unsure as to why you were removed in the wipe, but you were fair to me, and I appreciated that. +1
  7. The role of a pilot is already filled by Null/RC. -1
  8. Roleplay isn't something that can be forced, it's something that has to be encouraged, and done naturally. Forced roleplay never ends up good, roleplaying can be extremely fun, or extremely tedious, if roleplaying comes naturally to you, then I'm sure you'll have lots of fun, but to the new player, they have to witness proper roleplaying, organic roleplay is the best, and in my experience, the most fun. As an avid roleplayer, I'm more than happy to support this suggestion. +1
  9. Allow VIP's to apply for gamemaster, you'll get a huge influx of bright, creative gamemasters that are keen to run events for the community. Staff are forced to run events because it's their job, VIP's will not be forced to run events as they are volunteering for it, and not assuming any type of staffing responsibility. You've seen how dead Icefuse is lmao, look at how they run their events, now look at other communities that have volunteer GMs, and see how much they are thriving.
  10. You haven't outlined any clear plan of how you intend you achieve your goals for the battalion, this is slightly concerning.
  11. In my first encounter with you, I did get to know you but I concluded that you were just a memer. After reading this application and stalking the forums, and topics that revolve around SOB related drama, I've come to the conclusion that you're not the memer I remember, but someone who's actually capable of taking up the mantle of reg. Good luck bud, +1.
  12. People come here to roleplay. It's difficult to engage yourself in a roleplay scenario when the kid to your left is cackling like a witch after playing an anime girl soundboard, and then claiming he's just having fun.
  13. Always somehow SOBDE manages to get mentioned even when it doesn't even have any correlation to the suggestion, stop bringing up lore and other "perfect" reasons to explain why Alphas are better than x, y or z. Suggestion is to give them a pay rise, don't know how another brigade factors in whatsoever.
  14. Should be equivalent to batt officer imo but baby steps +1
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