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Suggestion for CTs (can we get more CT love?)

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Hi !

As the title says- this is my suggestion for CTs.

I was hoping to get more roles for our shinies because as of now- it isn't anything really but a placeholder for people until they decide to join a regiment of their choice. Intentional or not- I was hoping to sway the opinions of the people to have our CTs get more diverse roles. For the people, like myself, who want to stay as a CT (not that there's anything wrong with any of the regiments- all of you are doing great).


As we all know- CTs are the main attack force of the Republic. Sure, there are big clone battalions like the 501st Legion or the 212th Attack Battalion that probably also take up a good majority of the attack force but they are always second only to the shinies that make up majority of the Clone Army. Personally- I believe that having CTs have more roles would potentially enrich the roleplay aspect of the server and would give players a more immersive experience when they see shinies charging into battle.


For starters- color customization would simply be added for base clone trooper player models. With this- players can change their armor trim's color according to their rank. CPL below would get regular white, SGM below would get green trims, LT and WO would get blue trims, MAJ and CPT would get red trims, and lastly CMD+ would get yellow trims.

Second- basic specializations like Clone Heavy, Clone Sniper/Marksman, Clone Medic, etc. may be added for troopers who would want to stay as CTs but would want to specialize in a more specific mode of combat. Pretty basic.

Lastly- sub-units may be added to give a sort of 'spec ops' feel for the CTs. This would of course demand more experience and knowledge of the battlefield for those troopers who wish to join said sub-unit(s). The sub-unit that I had in mind was the Hawkbat Battalion. In-lore, they fall under/are also known as the 101st Battalion but in the 2003 animated series- they were simply shown to be regular clone troopers wearing ponchos (Episode 1 of the 2003 Clone Wars series). This group of clone troopers were the ones fighting along side Obi-Wan in the assault of Muunilist and were sporting a poncho on top of their clone armor.


Of course- with this addition comes more work to be done to organize what practically would be a new battalion. There would have to be a search for a person to lead the CTs and it isn't an easy task as CTs can and will always be a group of fresh recruits that either joined the server to minge, are fairly new to CWRP or GMod RP in general, and the occasional few who actually want to play the game. Leading the shinies will be a monumental task that would require immense patience from a person and will be a mentally taxing position to be in.

Another downside of this would be that regiments would have less people to recruit if people decide to stay as a CT and have their own thing as a shiny. But I would argue that it could in turn help regimental leaders focus on a smaller group of people and would be easier for them to take notice of people that stand out in their regiments and sub-units. Less people to manage = easier workload. Less people in the regiment = a tighter sub-community.


Things may go bad or they may further improve the roleplay aspect of the server. Regiments can host trainings for CTs that relates to their regiment's specialty and can recruit/hand pick CTs from there. CTs who stand out with leadership or combat skill may also be given invitations to join regiments. So on and so fourth.

I personally believe that the pros don't really significantly outweigh the cons and vice versa. I just wanted to put out this suggestion to see how many people in the community are on the same boat with me, if any- and just generally wanted to see some feedback towards this idea of mine. And honestly- I just want to roleplay as a CT with a desert poncho blasting away at them clankers looking like a badass as portrayed in the animated series.


- Thank you for reading my suggestion and for your time -

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