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Changing the location of the duel area

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Name: Squishy

RP Rank: 212th Colonel / Council Member / Senator

Suggestion: Currently the duel area is in the middle of nowhere and I don't currently think it's possible to get there to watch the duels. Maybe the duel area can be set to under the glass in the main lobby by bunks. People can watch and theres some obstacles in there it would make it interesting and something fun for people to do.

Implementation: Changing the duel arena location.

Lore: None

Workshop content if applicable: None
(If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development")

If you are asking to add or change a job, fill out the following

Add or Change: None
(Any job modification requires all this information)

Job: None

Slots:  None

Description: None

Model: None
(Provide the model string if on server Ex. models/player/synergy/cblake/ls_squad/ls_trp/lstrp.mdl (Get this from the Q menu)

Weapons: None
(If you want a modfication to a weapon/saber you must put the weapon string in the suggestion. Ex. tfa_e5 (Get this from the Q menu))

Other: None

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