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  1. make it so berts can only have it
  2. fuck shock fuck 12 fuck staff
  3. I think berts are being targeted for no reason and that we do nothing wrong. #BLM BERT LIVES MATTER TOO!!!
  5. Name:Bert Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55986908 Ban Reason: NITRP Date of Ban:6/20 Length of Ban:1 day Staff Member(s) Involved: the general Reason(s) why we should accept your appeal: bruh I didn't even do anything. I wasn't even told why i was banned or anything. No sit nothing and i believe its completely bias and unfair that I was banned. They said I RDMed someone but that there was no damage logs. They then changed it from ARDM to RDM just randomly even though there was no logs of me killing anyone. I then got unarrested walked into med bay and was just banned for no reason Evidence to support your claims: N/A
  6. Are you with king von? Are you with king von? Are you with king von?
  8. I think we should add shock and 501st crip wars.
  9. Name:JoebertKingdom Steam ID:76561198072239544 Ban Reason:LTAP Date of Ban:2/16 Length of Ban:1 day Staff Member(s) Involved:Poker Reason(s) why we should accept your appeal: bruh i got kicked i didn't ltap bruh just check logs on god Evidence to support your claims:n/a
  10. Question: is rdm allowed in roleplay aspect Comments/Concerns: just wondering Staff Member you're asking: anyone Additional info:
  11. I believe erp should be allowed because erp is a form of rp that i enjoy. I love to erp with all my homies after a hard day. You know just letting off a little steam for the homies uwu!!!!!!!!! plz implant this i swear!!! but make it so u have to be 18+ and add a erp sim room aka use the titty picture room and turn it in a strip club #FUCK12 #FUCK RED # FUCK SHOCK # CRIP4LIFE # BERTS ON TOP
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