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  1. 4/4 - Good overall RP and action. Enjoyed my portion.
  2. VOID, the 212th know why and that's all that matters.
  3. Name: Hazard Staff Rank: Head Admin Length of ROA (Please specify date if possible): A few days. Reason: Gotta get ready for school. Do you understand that if you go LOA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA on any RC character, or go LOA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: Yes
  4. Name: Hazard/Oddball Who helped (If applicable): Scarz/Patrick, Eclipse, Punybob Event Name: Ceremony Summary of the story: The Republic Venator has received some exciting and anxious news today! Arriving late this afternoon, the Venator will meet a very honorable and important figure with-in the Republic. His name is none other than General Varz, he is making his visit to multiple Republic ships to give out honorable medals to important figures that have done great work because of their contributions in terms of increasing the Republics chances of winning the war against the CIS. But it seems like this important news has spread and has gotten in the minds of some unwanted individuals. The CIS themselves have set out a plan in which the main goal is to be sneaky, they were sneaky all right and had managed to brainwash some troopers that were being sent with General Vark. The brainwashed clones had been equipped with trackers and communication devices that the CIS could use as their advantage. When the timing is right, the brainwashed clones reveal who their true alliance is too and cause mayhem, meanwhile, the CIS are already ahead of the game and have already have multiple frigates on scene of the Venator when chaos starts. What was the result of the event?: Republic manages to escape CIS and kill the brainwashed troopers while detaining the General and a couple of other troopers. Was this more of a role play oriented or "shoot em up" oriented event: Both.
  5. @Cookies, You have been logged, please @FlameHazard to announce LOA is over.
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  9. Steam Name: Flame Hazard RP Name: Commander Oddball Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:102512887 Battalion or squad you are applying for: 212th Attack Battalion Experience: Officer: Back when I first became an officer of the Battalion, there were no officers, of course we had officers but it was very rare they would get on to do basic responsibilities of being an officer such as doing promotions, but me and a few select others during the time spearheaded the way for future troopers to join and view us as role models that will set examples for the newer generations and hopefully make them into qualified officer candidates. Regimental Leader Commander- After months of gaining experience and improving myself in the Battalion, I had been appointed to the role of REGL CMD. When I first took on this role, the Regiments within the Battalion, let's say were not in good shape in terms of, there was no structure inside of most of the Regiments nor any sort of communication between the Overseers and the Leaders of these Regiments, my first task was to appoint mature, responsible, people that had good work ethic, dedicated troopers to these positions. I felt that it was crucial that people were chosen for these positions who could gain valuable leadership experience, what I mean by that is that people who have had limited amount of experience in leading, could gain experience because everyone has to start somewhere. After appointing people into these positions, I sought to build a physical connection with the Overseers and the Leaders to make sure these Regiments could self sustain and run independently without much intervention of the REGL CMD. The next task was to build the structure up for the Regiments, some of the Regiment leads and Overseers did well on their own with little to no REGL intervention while some Regiments however, was not the same case, as the REGL, I was tasked of building the structure of these Regiments from the ground up such as necessary documents, trainings, etc. I felt as if my tasks were finished up to my fullest ability after around I reached nearly 4 months in the REGL position. XO - The Executive Officer position was offered to me while I was around 3 - 3 ½ months in the position of REGL CMD, but I denied the offer as I felt I wasn’t finished my work for REGL. The XO position was then given to someone else but soon after, the XO (Nade) resigned. After a couple of weeks, I decided to accept the offer of XO due to the severe encouragement of other troopers in the Battalion, the fact that it would open up a CMD spot for another person down the road, and the fact that I was pretty much finished with my work for the Regiments anyway and I would still be able to work on the Regiments if need be as XO. After a couple weeks of me being in the XO position, my activity and overall involvement within the Battalion decreased due to in real life reasons as well as the fact that I was generally burnt out of the server itself. This resulted in my demotion to CMD but it was completely avoidable if I had put in an LOA/ROA but what has happened, has happened. I decided to refer back to the things I used to say to my troopers who were in the same situation I am in now and that is, “You have 2 paths now, you either 1, give up or 2, get back up there and prove to others. I decided to take numero dos and the next week, I had got on from at least 9 am in the mornings to 2 am the next morning for the majority of the week just being involved with my Battalion, of course that routine wasn’t healthy and I had reduced my playtime. I decided if I got beaned and what not in the staff team the first time I joined but came back with determination and experience and got HA the second, I can bounce back for the Battalion. (Fun fact, I never wanted to be a CMD or any high sort of ranking position at all, I never wanted to have responsibilities, I wanted to enjoy and meet cool people on the internet, I made this promise to myself as the game I played before GMOD really pushed me away from enjoying a game I had so much fun in because of me holding staff positions and such) New Admin - Head Admin: When I first joined the staff team, I had the intention of becoming a SA and GM to benefit the server but specifically the Battalion at the time because we had only 1 or 2 people that were staff in the Battalion so I promised myself I would host sims and events for the server and Battalion to enjoy overall. I reached my goal but after a month or 2, I had a few beans here and there and felt that I just wasn’t ready for staff, I resigned. After a couple months I believe, I decided to join the staff team again and am currently holding the HA position. Intel documentation team Lead- Part of intel team and am in charge of all documents whether it needs to updated or something needs to be changed, or added. Senior Officer Leadership Camp Instructor - A program to ready up our Junior Officers to one day hold a position as a Senior Officer. The program was phased out for reconstructing. Lead of 212th squads- You could think of 212th squads as regiments that aimed at NCO’s being able to be the leader of these Regiments, there were also OVS positions as well. During this time, I was the REGL CMD so the squads fell under my charge as well. The program died after some time. Trainer to Trainer Manager - After some time of being a TR, I decided I wanted a change and wanted to main the TR branch as staff this time, I tried out a couple times for TRO and got in, after some time, earned TRM. Game Master to Game Master Officer - Like I said, I had been a GM before and after I got TRM, I decided I wanted to do more and work in the GM Program again, shortly after, I received GMO. PLT-Oddball - When I first joined the 212th Wings Program, I was technically forced too by the man himself, Skeeti as the Oddball position was open for a decent amount of time, he wanted someone to have some sort of competition for who gets Oddball, of course it was a no brainer that he got it as he was more dedicated and what not at the time. When Skeeti resigned, I was a PLTO at the time I believe, after months, around February, I had been appointed the position of Oddball and I decided, I really wanted to get the Wings Program up to a independent, self-sustaining program that could run itself essentially, I worked days and nights adding stuff here and there, making documents, trainings etc, doing research. Fast forward some months, I have PLTTs, PLTO, etc, the program can run independently with little to no intervention. The process of someone trying to get their wings certification in the 212th is one that has a lot of steps but it was made like that on purpose to make sure the pilots are taught the knowledge and tested one on one. 2ndAC to 2ndACO (Parjai Squad) - Essentially joined 2ndAC from the day I joined 212th up until now. ARF-ARFT - That’s one of the reasons why I joined 212th at first, that cool ass looking ARF camo model at the time. I joined 2ndAC, left for ARF and came back to 2ndAC as ARF was dead. Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: I’ve been in my CMD positions for in total almost half the time I’ve been in the Battalion and I’ve talked with Former Cody’s before and they say even though it may not seem like a big jump from CMD to BCMD, it is, and right now, I want to experience something different before I move on to the next chapter from the Battalion. Coming up on 11 months with-in this Battalion I have learned alot from every situation, problem, and person. I value experience and am sure that many others do too, but with experience, you need to earn the respect of the troopers within the Battalion, to earn this respect, you need to have the leadership, communication, bonds with the troopers, and you need to back that all up with activity of course. Now of course, all of these attributes didn't come so easy, you needed to earn it step by step, day by day. I have been through 3 generations of Cody and this was done on purpose on my part as every person that stepped into office had their strengths as well as their weaknesses of course, through these experiences and knowledge, I look to become the next Battalion Commander that not necessarily wants to have all the strengths as that would be near impossible, but a Battalion Commander that could look at weaknesses and look to improve on them, learn from them, and apply them. As I have mentioned, I value bonds and like to be close with every individual trooper, I have had this value ever since I joined this Battalion and it is the reason why I stayed in the Battalion for this length of time because the people before me were so welcoming and made me and many others feel like family, it is what made me want to be so dedicated. I wish to make it a similar experience for the Battalion now and for the future to come. Recent problems that have been a problem for so long, for people coming into these officer+ positions is that their character needs refining and they just need to have a mentor on giving them tips and pointers before moving up. Long story short, I look to take everything I learned, take my values and beliefs, take my characteristics, and move up to share and teach. Maturity,dedication like to put myself in others perspectives, helps me understand and make a fair judgement. Higher ups in the Battalion need to work collaboratively or the Battalion will only fail. But as always with the Battalion, there will be new or old problems that always arise and since I'm, not a fortune teller, I couldn't predict when the problems will happen but I and many others will always know how to work together to fix the problem. Do you understand the lore of your battalion or squad?: Short story, when I first came to know and play on Synergy Clone Wars Roleplay, I didn't recognize a single Battalion except 501st as that was the only Battalion I remembered from watching from Clone Wars. Anyway, through my nearly 11 months of being in this Battalion, (excluding the 5 minutes I went to Shadow Company as it was called then) I not only learned all the small and big details about the 212th, but Star Wars lore in general. Availability: If nothing comes up in real life, I can get on everyday, with school coming up, early afternoons to nights. Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: As of 8/22/2018, coming up on 11 months. Do you have a microphone?: That is affirmative. Where do you want your battalion or squad to be at the end of your term?: A Battalion that everyone can rely on each other on, a welcoming, non-toxic atmosphere, a self-sustaining Battalion, actual role models, having confidence in the upper command to know when to be serious, disciplined and having an over refined character for teaching/enforcing the newer generations on how to do so as well, a Battalion that is enjoyable to the masses. A Battalion where communication is effective and overall people are approachable. A Battalion where everyone is treated with dignity and respect no matter what the rank. Enforcing these sorts of characteristic principles is in my opinion very valuable. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Of course, it is essential for a BCMD, especially a one of this caliber to be physically on the server, it will benefit the Battalion as a whole in terms of sheer physical numbers. (Real talk, who wouldn't want to see Cody in action?) But that being said I also believe that you should not only be active in-game but show that you're on and active with a purpose and especially work on the inner brain or workings of the Battalion as I learned from a past Cody. Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes. (Good luck to everyone!}
  10. Staff Application Accepted! Welcome to the Team!
  11. Congratulations, you have been accepted to the Staff Team! Welcome to the Team!
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  14. Give him ownership of the documents then get a third person in there to talk things out with them to relieve the pressure between these two. -1 on the report. (Btw, people that go for a position like Admiral don't just "get it" because they are the only ones running, all candidates have to go through a process and after that process, the decision is not decided by one or two people, it is decided by the High Staff Team and they make their decisions based on his responses and what not)
  15. Another oldie bites the dust. See you around. -Hazard/Oddball
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