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[ACCEPTED] Part's Staff Application

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RP Name: Part

Steam ID32: 526968329

VIP (Y/N): yes


Time zone: EST

Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): The task of being an administrator is a task that has peaked my interest ever since I joined the server. I have noticed the value of having a administrator in a battalion and the work that they do to help the server run smoothly. I believe that I could contribute to being a staff not just to help my battalion but to make sure that the server is fun for everyone both the current members and the new comers. In the future I hope to become a GM so I can create fun events that have puzzles and RP for all classes so no one feels bored. I see that the job of staff is not just to enforce the rules of the server but to make the server interesting. In conclusion, I want to become staff to make the more interesting and help all of the members current and new grow the community, also just have fun.

Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): I am big into sports and know what it means about hard work. I enjoy gaming because it makes me use my brain, I love strategy games and city builders. That's why I want to become staff I love to build and create things that make people have fun. I love this server and wish to see it grow.

Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: No, but willing to learn.

How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server?: 132 Hours

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+1 good luck

                                                                                              Current: 2ndAC Spark
Former: 501st Kickback | 501st x2 Havoc Squad Acid | Dooms Unit x10 | CG x6 Rancor x1 | Naval Lightning Staff x5 212th x2 GM x3  | Jedi Lightning | Green Company Lead x4 | 2ndAC x1 

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GM Leadership

+1 !

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GM Leadership

+1 Part good guy


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Head Admin

You have been ACCEPTED for an interview!

Please contact a Veteran Admin+ to organise your interview!

Failure to do so within 7 DAYS of this post will result in the DENIAL of your application.


Current: Head Admin | Specialized Regimental Commander

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Veteran Admin

Congratulations! You have been ACCEPTED into the CWRP staff team!


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