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[ACCEPTED] CWRP - Axton"s Staff Application

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RP Name: Axton

Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:176137533

VIP (Y/N): Y

Age: 19

Timezone: EST

Tell us why you wish to be an administrator (6 sentences minimum): I want to become an admin to help out the server. I also heard it is fun to help the server and I love the community of it. I really want to help people out on the server and also I want people to have fun on the server. I am not always on but I am on a decent amount of time. when I am on i am willing to train CC’s and take tickets when I have to.  I want to help my faction and the other factions/battalions on the server.

Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentences minimum):To start off I am Axton, I am from a small town. I also love playing video games and  I'm also in high school. I also have a disability called microduplication.  

Do you have any previous staff experience? No i do not

How much playtime do you have on the synergy server? (You must have a minimum of 75 hours of in-game playtime on the server to apply for new admin. Make a staff ticket in the game so that you can figure out your playtime if you think you are close)  2079:44:59.

Are you currently staff on a Synergy Server?: (If so specify which one) No

 Current: CT PVT | Naval ENG LTJG | Jedi Padawan

Former: 187th MAJ | 501th CPT | DUth MSG | 41st MED 1SG | 41st SUP CSM | TEMPORARY IMPROCOO | Jedi Youngling

war never changes


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+1 good luck

Former: Senior Admin | Dooms Unit SNCO | 187th NCO ST SNCO Senator Gume Saam | SO CPT JetRSB Supervisor LTJG Dodd Rancit | Commander Keller | RSB Supervisor LTJG Alexsandr Kallus |

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                                                                                              Current: 2ndAC Spark
Former: 501st Kickback | 501st x2 Havoc Squad Acid | Dooms Unit x10 | CG x6 Rancor x1 | Naval Lightning Staff x5 212th x2 GM x3  | Jedi Lightning | Green Company Lead x4 | 2ndAC x1 

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-1 I feel like the paragraphs could’ve been juicer. A good portion felt repeated but rephrased.

 Current: Admin, 41st Improcco Company XO REGL CPT Tenn, Navy ENS CAO


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Veteran Admin

+1 Short but sweet like a lot of our staffing team first starts out! Good luck!

Currently: CG TKL MAJ Hound / Gume Saam / Veteran Admin of le server

OG ranks - SO CMD Moose and First ever CPT Taggart  - The best Walon Vau - 212th Longshot -212th Boil


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GM Leadership

+1 good luck!

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+1 although the introduce yourself was short iv had good interactions with you and think you would be a good addition to the staff team.

Current: CG MED SSGT Spoof | Navy MED MCPO Spoof | Hunter Kravchenko | Jedi Master TGM Spoof
Prior: (2017) 104th MED CPL Spoof | CG MEDL LT Spoof | 501st CSM Spoof | 187th JT 2ndLT Spoof | 21st MED 2ndLT Spoof | (2019) 91st MEDL Lightning squad LTC Spoof | DU MED SGT Spoof | 104th MED SGT Spoof

$ Didn't ask $


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Veteran Admin

You have been ACCEPTED for an interview!

Please contact a Veteran Admin+ to organise your interview!

Failure to do so within 7 DAYS of this post will result in the DENIAL of your application.


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Veteran Admin

Congratulations! You have been ACCEPTED into the CWRP staff team!


Current: 501st BCMD Rex | Veteran Admin | Game Master Manager | Quest Master TRO
Former: 332nd Captain Vaughn (x2) | Torrent Company Commander Appo | 501st Regimental Advisor | 332nd Officer Vyse (x3) | TC Officer Kano | TC Officer Tup | TC Dogma


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