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Attack Regiment On Top

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Name: Joyboy

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419739365

Who helped (If applicable): N/A

Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A

Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): The Attack Regiment did some things, and more will come in the future

Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: N/A

Please rate using this scale


Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible)


Care and Effort:

Server Performance:

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Veteran Admin

5/5/5 Got to kill mandos +1 attk reg for president

Currently: CG TKO CPT Moose / Gume Saam

OG ranks - SO CMD Moose and First ever CPT Taggart  - The best Walon Vau - 212th Longshot -212th Boil

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+50 Good shit

                                                                                              Current: 2ndAC Spark
Former: 501st Kickback | 501st x2 Havoc Squad Acid | Dooms Unit x10 | CG x6 Rancor x1 | Naval Lightning Staff x5 212th x2 GM x3  | Jedi Lightning | Green Company Lead x4 | 2ndAC x1 

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