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Draa And Poker need removed


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So forge was spammin chat something bout gambling and i said something along the lines of lets do a roll fight for it in sim room it was never agreed to be done. Somehow we both ended up at sim room 1 which was unclaimed i followed him in there forge takes out his gun and rdms so i make a ticket and no one takes it. Poker trys to claim this rdm baiting which is funny how as I said above and i have no weapon drawn. 


[DarkRP] The admins have been notified of your request.
(OOC) CT PVT Cosmo: ncie rdm forge
(OOC) 41st GC REGL 1stLT Draa: you cant escape Marcov
(OOC) 104th HVY CSM Forge: it is a sim room
(OOC) FirstMate Sanguine: i didnt need too
(OOC) 41st ARC WO Poker: ?
(OOC) 41st GC REGL 1stLT Draa: yes you do
(OOC) Krayte Dashstar: HOW
(OOC) FirstMate Sanguine: idont have the contraband quest
(OOC) CT PVT Cosmo: u cant rdm 
[DarkRP] Nox has been made a Clone Cadet!
(OOC) CT PVT Cosmo: also the sim room wast marked as that
(OOC) 104th HVY CSM Forge: cool
(OOC) 41st ARC WO Poker: 1. hes right about having to claim a sim room and start the sim
(OOC) FirstMate Sanguine: im a hostile bh. under rp senarios like that i can shoot
(OOC) 41st ARC WO Poker: 2. you baited RDM so if one of you gets in trouble both of you do
(OOC) 41st ARC WO Poker: 3. you smell bad


An argument ensues and then 


| 41st GC REGL 1stLT Draa has muted CT PVT Cosmo's chat

cause i said  (OOC) CT PVT Cosmo: get fucked for real
(OOC) CT PVT Cosmo: go kys forge
(OOC) 104th HVY CSM Forge: Thanks


then (OOC) CG SUPL SFC Marcov: socvcer tp him to us  


a few minutes later 41st GC REGL 1stLT Draa (STEAM_0:1:75099830) has sent CT PVT Cosmo (STEAM_0:1:17693550) to CG SUPL SFC Marcov (STEAM_0:0:542201592).


then a few minutes later when i was in the brigg 

Disconnect: Banned for 10079.22 minutes. Reason: Endourcing Suicide BB: Soccer Appeal on the forms.



This isnt not fair and is clear bias on the part of some one who is supposed to uphold the rules IE rule 4 the golden rule DO NOT SHOOT A BROTHER and these two refused to do anything with about it due to a clique mentality that has synergy has succumbed too. This kinda behavior is wrong i stand by what i said irregardless and will take my ban but i refuse to take it knowing this was unjustly fair due to some one breaking rules and no one wanted to do something bout it.

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Hey man I was online when you did this. Not only did you tell a member too kill themselves in OOC, but you also said it in voice chat. He was going to give you a chance and dismiss it, but you continued. The staff did nothing wrong in this situation and you completely deserve the ban even if it gets updated. [Edit: You also complained for at least 10 minutes straight about how you get banned for months then someone else gets banned for like a month for RDM. You said you did nothing wrong, but you have a ban for Ddos threats. Just get unbanned and go on to get banned again.]

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