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Force Stasis

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Bug Type (Server:): Wiltos

Severity level (1-3): 2

Evidence (if you can): N/A (If you'd like a demonstration refer to the recreation)

Description of the bug: Force Stasis (for the longest time) is ineffective against jetpackers. Their ability to fly ignores the restraint of walking.

How can we recreate it: Step 1: Get a saber with stasis. Step 2: Get someone with a jetpack. Step 3: Use stasis on the jetpacker. Step 4: Watch them fly away as your power didn't effect their flight

p.s. this was posted at the request of forseen for all intents and purposes


Master of the Order Mace Windu (Current) | DU VET Sergeant (Current) | Mas Amedda (Former) | 327th Battalion Commander Bly (Former)

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