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  1. RP Name: 501st ARC-1726 SGT Ruse Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:67184624 VIP (Y/N):Yes Age: 18 Timezone: U.S. East What was your previous staff rank?: Admin Are you currently staff on a different server?: No Why did you leave the staff team?: I had responsibilities in real life that needed to be worked on Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): My plan was always to join back after I left. I still feel like I should give back to the community by helping people out where I can. I also enjoy making events for people. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): It was good, everyone was super nice and respectful. The gamemaster stuff was a lot of fun on top of that. I also think that the server has a smaller population now than my last time as staff due to everyone being able to go out again. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes
  2. 10/10 great event and conrad was perfect as anakin
  3. 8/10 a lot of fun fighting on geonosis and fighting at point rain was awesome as hell
  4. Thats not the only point some people are making, they're saying that he shouldn't be trying to leave 501st same thing you said on buds application when you -1 it. While I agree the 501st is definitely doing better, it's no where near where it should be for now I'm going to -1 until 501st is in a more stable position, especially now that there's no battalion commander.
  5. I dont think calling someone out openly is such a terrible thing as long as its done respectfully
  6. I'm not saying this to be mean but just to be honest. I was in the 501st for almost a year and as time went on the battalion started dying. As the people who are in charge now starting to take charge things only got worse and worse. Bud while being a great guy and good friend is not a good choice, especially when you take into account the state of 332nd and 501st as a whole. He's inactive and as matt said he has school and work like all of us but even when he gets on as rarely as it may be he doesn't do work 501st or 332nd. Like dennis said Nova is still young and inexperienced and needs help from his commanders he doesn't need them jumping ship like I've noticed a lot of 501st doing recently. Nothing against you I actually really like you as a person and think you're a cool guy but a bad fir for the position, -1
  7. Name: Ruse/Fives Staff Rank: Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:67184624 Length of LOA (Please specify date if possible): 11/7/2020- mid-January Reason: I started an EMT class and I really need to pass that combined with school is really giving me a rough go so I need to be able to have free time on my hands. Do you understand that if you go LOA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA on any RC character, or go LOA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: Yes The time for the LOA was also approved by Woeny
  8. I think moving 41st to specialized would make more sense bc of the stuff they do.
  9. Name: Ruse/Fives Who helped (If applicable): Nuka/Tup Event Name: Wookies being hunted Link to Event Document: A wookie clan leader went to the republic for help from a group of trandoshans that were hunting his people. The republic accepted and as I sent my event job trando to talk with them he crashed so we had to wing it a lot a bit. Basically the wookie ripped the arms out of his sockets and killed him
  10. AAR Template Name: Who helped (If applicable): Nova/Echo, Gree,Cronis, Hardcase/Jay,Tup/Nuka Event Name: Deserters 2 the desertening Link to Event Document: The Deserters returned to the republic with news of having joined Bo Katans deathwatch and that they had been sent to discuss strategies. During this the mauldalorians sent a special squad of hunters to kill the deserters, they failed and it was revealed that the squad was lead by a captain named Phineas a ferocious mauldalorian that will kill everyone and everything that stands in his way.
  11. 10/10 Gonna miss you Conrad out of the atleast ten Rexes I've served under you've easily been the best. Also the part with the helmets sent chills down my spine and the part where we killed Rex almost made me cry
  12. AAR Template Name: Ruse/Fives Who helped (If applicable): Hardcase/Jay Event Name: Deserters Link to Event Document: Some mauldalorian and deathwatch deserters came to the base to give over intel and work with the republic. Upon being told that it could be requested from them to have an audience with Bo Katan they attempted to get in touch with her on their way out of the base the captain was injured and the other deserters defended the base with the republic, and with luck Buford and the deserters will return
  13. 8/10 i loved that we actually got pushed out of mhb and that took it back and we got pushed out again it was like an actual fight in the base also the fact that people got vehicles was cool
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