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  1. 5/5/5 Was fun and cool little twist. Wish i could be there for the follow up mission
  2. hellz


    4/3/5 wasnt sure what was going on but fun and not too brutal. just brutal enough
  3. 5/5/5 joined as shit went boom but i had alot of fun. was Def different
  4. 5/5/5 Had fun. Not sure what was going on but joined late. No lag to speak of either
  5. hellz

    A Quick Mission

    5/5/5 Had a blast. lots of shit to shoot!
  6. 5/5/5 had a fucking blast with the mix up. had alot of fun with the infected mechanic.
  7. 5 was fun when there was no quiet. was different and i enjoyed
  8. hellz

    The Factory

    5 was fun with a good ol BOOM at the end. Was beautiful
  9. 5. Was fun to try to locate Ventress. Would have liked some music being played in the Cantina but eh. Im nit picking. 5 on the effort. village actually felt busy and the bounty hunters were pushy as always. Didnt suffer any lag issues through the whole event.
  10. hellz

    spec deployment

    5/5/5 Was fun. MORE
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