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Admin abuse

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RP name: Cale/Backslash

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:169994174

Staff member Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75099830

Staff member's wrong doing: abusing  physics gun.

the situation: I was in MHB i was a player dressed as a Bantha named "Bantha." so naturally i said "cool a bantha" he whips a 180 pulls out a physics gun and drags me away and starts putting me into the brig,
since this wasn't a RP situation I just swapped characters to my Jedi, then when I left the Dorm he TPed to me then and physic gun's me into the stone in the Jedi temple main area and just leaves me there unable to move
so i swapped characters again and now he left me alone. so now i'm filling out the form
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Thank you for bringing this up to us. Investigation has been done, and everything is settled.

Edited by BlueBeetle

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