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Bane's 14th Sector RCMD app


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Steam Name: Bane | Synr.gg

RP Name: Keller

RP Rank: Commander

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:458597577

Regiment you are applying for: 14th sector commander

Why should you become a Regimental Commander?: At this juncture in synergy’s life, we need experienced and active members of the community to fill leadership roles and guide the growth of the community. 14th sector, especially, can use a RCMD sensitive to the different needs, leadership styles, cultures each battalion has. I feel like my experience on the server, especially my failures, have prepared me to be the RCMD that the 14th sector needs. I have talked with the leadership of 212th, 41st, and Rancor to get a good understanding of the challenges and situations each battalion faces. My time as Cody, and the many mistakes I made during my term, has especially prepared me to be an RCMD. I have been around long enough to experience command from a variety of positions, primarily from a Battalion/Subunit perspective. While there are many things I have done right as a Leader, there are many things I have also done wrong. I’ve had plans go haywire, promoted people I shouldn’t have, and managed stress poorly. Previously I have been regarded as rather hostile and rude, over time I have worked hard to reverse this image. During the second half of my Cody term, the server was doing extremely poorly. My battalion was bleeding members due to the circumstances of the server, one of my choices in a commander, and my inability to maintain constant activity. It’s through these misjudgements and failures that I have learned the skills to prepare me to maturely and responsibly tackle the role of RCMD. I have learned how to compromise, be more sensitive to the needs of those I am supposed to be representing, and how to manage stress properly. It’s through these experiences that I have formed the ideal leadership style i plan to implement as RCMD. For the most part, I plan to be hands off with 212th and Rancor. They have competent BCMDs/Command teams and clear goals for growth/improvement. My role will be as an advisor, and a passive member of their battalions. What I mean by that: I will be rotating my attention between battalions. Hanging out in their channels, organizing trainings within and between battalions, and keeping a constant active presence in both their command channels/meetings. I believe the primary place for an RCMD is an advisor and a representative for the battalions under their supervision within high command, and see no reason to interject myself. 41st NEEDs more attention, and I will be working hand in hand with the current 41st leadership rather intensely. I plan to spend a lot of time with 41st, enabling them to rebuild and lending my full support to that end. I heavily believe an active RCMD who interacts with their battalions will be a large help.

Availability: Discord: Always. In game: 6pm est-10pm est Weekdays, All day Saturday and Sunday

Give a brief overview of your achievements and experience on the server: GM: PVT-CMD, 1stLT-CMD. Charger, Keller x 2, Sharp. 212th: MAJ-XO, XO-Cody. TGL. 

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Where do you want your regiment to be at the end of your term?: 


212th is in a really good position. They are one of those battalions that tend to run themselves, and are now flourishing. Their activity is great, Their numbers are high, and the battalion as a whole seems to be both growing and thriving under Baddog. This being the case, I don’t feel like I need to put my hands all over the way they operate. Rather, I want to help the current leadership cultivate a new pool of potential Codys. As of right now, few people are willing to run for the position. I hope to use my presence as an advisor to help 212th command inspire new generations of 212th leadership. Furthermore, because of their size, I hope to be able to use frequent contact with 212th as a way to encourage numbers in the other battalions to rise. I hope to be able to help them retain new membership, but I feel their activity will do this on its own. 


Rancor is also doing fairly well! Their numbers are high and they generally have 5+ troopers on. However, Rancor is traditionally a very insulated battalion. I feel like their experience, their specialization, and their rp utility are under utilized by the server as a whole. To help remedy both of these issues, I want to host trainings and events for 14th that allow Rancor to test and teach ARC tactics and philosophy to a wider group of people. I plan to create missions that encourage the mingling of battalions and use of joint comms, and In some of these I will be having Rancor ARC troopers take the lead. By constant contact and communication, I hope to further improve the roleplay skills and combat usage of ARCs across the entire 14th through rancor. 


41st is currently in a very rough state. While they can average decent numbers, their general activity is very low. Their command structure has been gutted via resignations. While I generally believe in an advisor role for RCMDs, I plan to actively work with the current 41st leadership to cultivate and promote capable officers and commanders. My major priority here is reestablishing the 41st's command structure and bringing in new recruits to replenish their lower ranks. I am hoping that frequent contact with 212th and Rancor will also help 41st in restoring their image. For a long period of time, 41st has been regarded as a “Minge battalion”. They are currently working hard to reverse that image, and I plan to support them in every way. 212th and Rancor have rather serious reputations, and I hope by increasing the communication and activity within and between these battalions they will help 41st in their goal to be taken more seriously. 


Universal Goals 

Rancor and 212th do not need strong direct intervention from an RCMD. After talking with the BCMDs of 212th and Rancor, and talking to the current leadership of 41st, I have come to understand that they require two major things from an RCMD: Activity/Communication within the battalions, and Events hosted tailored to their specialization. As a member of Staff and GM leadership, I plan to create a system of small scale events, trainings, and passive RP scenarios that actively engage and cater to the battalions of the 14th sector. Furthermore, I plan to host/Coordinate joint trainings designed to allow a battalion to teach the others more about their strengths and specializations. While I want battalions to organically schedule these kinds of trainings on their own, I know that I must apply consistent effort into making them happen if they are to happen on a regular schedule. 

Recruit retention culture is something I want to massively change in the 14th. I want to move totally away from dependance on tryouts and recruitment binds and encourage the more active process of On boarding. I define “on boarding” as the acquirement and retention of recruits by extended interaction/inclusion in battalion activities. While a more formal version of this would look like: Taking a recruit, doing a tour, etc, I want to heavily encourage battalions in the 14th to acquire recruits by actively inviting them to engage in battalion activities. 

To help increase/retain activity in battalions, I plan on hosting private trainings from time to time. The goal of these trainings will be to both: Teach/reinforce skills, AND inspire others to host trainings. 

How do you plan to improve relations within your regiment?: 

Outside of joint events/trainings, I want to encourage liaison programs within these battalions. If/when liaisons are designated, I plan on working closely with them. I also want to bring back something that used to be more common on synergy: Troop swapping. While it was usually subunits, during events I want to mix and mingle troops that traditionally would not be interacting with one another. 

Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes

Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your regimental commander rank?: Yes


Former: Captain Charger of KU, CMD Keller of KU, Commander Cody

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 Current: BCMD Bacara, Cin Drallig
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+1 i enjoyed the talks we had i think you are great and have good goals in place and i do think if u get this you will be great at it 

Best of Luck :)

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+1 Not the BCMD but when you did talk to me not only where you professional ash but you actually listened. Your plans for my battalion are amazing and my battalions already loves the idea of you being our RCMD. SO my +1 isnt speaking from only me but 41st in general <3 We would enjoy having you.

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+1 i appreciate that you want to act as more of an advisor for 212th instead of disrupting the flow by forcing yourself onto us so im looking forward to you becoming the 14th sector. i know we dont always see eye to eye but we both have the same interests in mind and both care for our battalions so i respect you. good luck my friend :)


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Congratulations, You have been ACCEPTED for a commander interview!

Please contact a Director to organise your interview.

Failure to do so within 7 DAYS of this post will result in the DENIAL of your application.


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