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Tessa's Resignation

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Regiment: 14th Sector Army

RP Name: Tessa

Date: November 18th 2022

Reason: Over the past couple of weeks I've had a number of health problems come up. I just turned 22 as well so that week also was a lot of energy that I no longer have. I'm going through a sucky time and I can see now that I'm really just not myself. I've lost so much of what made me the best version of myself. And while I've been here away from the server trying to pick up the pieces and figure myself out, I realise now that for the time being at the very least, I'm unable to do the job that is expected of me and for that I must apologise greatly.


I'm sorry for disappointing you all. I genuinely had so much excitement to work with all of my battalions. I'm proud of all of you that made our regiment the best it could be! Thank you. 

@XazeYou gave me the strength and courage I needed to push forward and achieve greatness. You had my back when I needed you. Thank you.

@FinnYou were a mentor to me and even as I'm writing this resignation you're rambling in the TS channel lol. Thanks for being you Finn.

@ConradHide your wife, fool

@MetroI really wanted to get more done together. Timing sure sucks.

As for everyone else, I love you all. And I'll always think about you. I'll come chill in TS every once in a while so don't get your hopes up, but thank you all for making this as fun as it could have been. I only ask that you guys don't hate me for leaving like this. Maybe one day in the future I'll come back, so.. Until the next time ;) o7

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