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[10/2/2022] Community Q/A

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A couple things to start off with. We have some important notices regarding some general development information that the community may be looking forward to. 

We have a few things in the works, including the current hotfixes you may have seen (AFK system, auto reconnect), but other than that, we have two updates planned for you guys. One being a medium sized one, looking to push for mid october, and we also have a bigger one later down the line.

  • To start off, we have a new map update for you guys to help with the October theme. It's just cosmetic, but it should spice up the season for a few.
  • Next, we aim to release the party system soon. So long as all the issues are fixed up, you can expect this with the medium update. This’ll aid in the workflow we follow up with the quest system.
  • Pets are to be expected soon enough, including an exclusive halloween pet that you will have to stick around to figure out when it’s dropping.
  • As said last meeting, GM models are SOON. They are DONE and ready to go asap. Likely with the medium update as well.
  • We’re looking to fix up old addons you may have come to love, which will be a slower process, but with a better functioning dev team, the sky's our limit.

We’ve got a lot more lined up for future endeavors, but for now we cannot disclose our full pipeline, as that’d keep you all here for a good chunk of time. This medium sized update we mentioned near mid october should help give another kick and a good refresher for the player base.

As a note, there have been talks about performance and optimization, and we would like to mention that this is always a concern for us. To push the boundaries of what our server box can do, we will be purchasing a better CPU for the server box itself, pushing to maximize for optimal performance. Aside from that, we may be moving our box location to a more centralized location within the US.

In general, we’ve been watching the player base and seeing how you guys are doing, and we know what’s going on and how you all may feel. We all have our hands relatively full, but we have been doing our best to push for what we can. For example, Foreseen has been working on the WiltOS system for a good bit of time now, abiding by gathered knowledge from both the order and what we envision.


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Q/A Section:

Q: Will the medkits be fixed in terms of power and speed?
A: It’s not really possible with recent changes to the server, unfortunately

Q: With jayarr making the models, will we be receiving them sooner?
A: We push to release models with other things alongside an update, so expect more of the same pace depending on how quick we can cook up these bigger updates

Q: How much Artistic Freedom is Jayarr given when working on these models?
A: This is up to the initial contact with the battalions, which then the founders will collectively improve upon. So working off of that, at least a decent amount

Q: Will the GM models have different skins and does anyone in GM get any say in said designs?
A: The GM models will have different skins, and GM did not have a lot of say in the models themselves, except for devils dogs

Q: will the GM heavy still be black or will it have a new look?
A: New look

Q: Would Rancor get the same update as GM as these are the last two battalions. Honest question
A: Nope

That wraps up this months Q/A. I (jayarr) apologize for missing out on a good chunk of the meeting in terms of transcription, it got a little chaotic past the promotions and I already lost track past the point.


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Thanks for your guys effort! Excited to see the coming updates.

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1 hour ago, Mazen said:

Whats the founders gameplan to generate new players except for updates

Asking the real questions here. No update is going to matter if nobody plays the server. 

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