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Thesh and Aurek


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Name: Misfit
Who helped (If applicable): NA

Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): NA

Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): built a big dupe and sent people to destroy it + air battle

Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: 

Please rate using this scale


Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible)


Care and Effort:

Server Performance:

Number 1 Dickhead.

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  • Director


Gameplay was alright. HP seemed a little whack at points but I think it was just lag.

Care and Effort was easily A+ that dupe was epic and you took the time to setup this event for the players we had. Thank you for that.

Performance was a bit iffy at times. FPS was very low for most of the event at Thesh. I'm not sure what caused this, maybe you pre spawned too many droids or there were just too many vehicles and NPCs down at the same time. Wasn't anything horrible tho



i am literally captain tukk

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