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[DENIED] Cooters Staff app


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RP Name: Faie

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:576186145

VIP (Y/N):  Y

Age: 15

Timezone: EST

Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): It would be fun figuring out the new system and hosting events for battalions again. I like taking WL tickets and being able to help out people with their problems. I enjoyed being staff last time and I'd like to enjoy that again. I also remember being able to help folks with their events and encounters as much as I like hosting events and encounters. I'd also like to be a part of the admin team again and be able to enjoy synergy 10x more by making other people's experiences better. I also enjoyed CC trainings, so id loved to do those again.

Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): Uh I have literally no life so I'm on my PC hella. I like Chipotle shits hella good. I like helping people.

Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: Hella CC trainings some events, helping with events/encounters, and hella tickets.

How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server? | 41st GC CPT Faie has played for 1025:31:23.


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:monkaMEGA:Yea I'm Joe's son :POGGERS:

(Thanks Naffen for the pepe stuff)

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After coming back to the forums and reading why you were removed 

-1 not appropriate behavior for a staff member

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Did you get waived?  It has not been a full 30 days since your last denied staff app.


-1 regardless due to the fact you have been removed twice for non-inactivity reasons.    That includes the racist shit on icefuse.

EDIT:  To anyone curious what the other offense was:  Caught minging late night on whitelists he fully well knew that he was not allowed on. 

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Every time I wander into an argument on the forums.

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5 hours ago, Lovestruck said:


Didn't you get removed for yelling racial slurs on Icefuse? If I'm mistaken please let me know, otherwise not cool bro.

And homophobic yes i did!

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:monkaMEGA:Yea I'm Joe's son :POGGERS:

(Thanks Naffen for the pepe stuff)

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1 hour ago, CooterScooter said:

And homophobic yes i did 

Bruh deadass admitted to it and then not only did he admit it he made it worse, cooter buddy use your fucking head god damn I was gonna +1 but you were stupid enough to ADMIT TO IT AND MAKE IT WORSE, SHOULD HAVE PLEAD THE FIFTH so I am just going -1

2 hours ago, Guac said:

I don't think you will represent the staff team well.

Yet I was staff

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7 hours ago, CooterScooter said:

And homophobic yes i did!

You could have just left it at racism or said nothing at all. Or heck, even seem the slightest bit remorseful, this just makes you seem proud of it.

Sorry not sorry, but if you think it's ok to yell racial or homophobic slurs in any environment, you are the last person that should be considered for staff. A staff member's job is to keep the server safe from bullying and harmful behaviors. Who's to say you don't treat the players here the same way, just behind closed doors?

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22 hours ago, BigBadCade said:

+1 y'all just hating on a real one. Get yo money up, not yo funny up"Cooter"1942



23 hours ago, ThorpyVEVO said:

+1 unturned buddy

reactions on Twitter: "petting dog oooh who's an edgy boy yes you are oooh  what a hot take your statements are so controversial what an edgy boy  https://t.co/8i0X8fx4FG" / Twitter

-1, don;t be a dickhead lol it's really not hard 

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Unfortunately your application has been DENIED.

For more information on why you were denied, please contact me or a Head Admin.

You may re-apply for a staff position after 6 months from this post.


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