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[ACCEPTED] misfit staff app

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RP Name: Misfit

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:172194265

VIP (Y/N): Y

Age: 17 lmao

Timezone: EST

Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): My entire drive to play GMOD as a whole comes from being a gamemaster aka on the staff team. Since then ive hardly played the game at all and when i did play it would only be for maximum 2 hours and then im off. With me on the staff team once again i'll be able to execute old ideas and entertain the server in new ways with all the new additions since my blacklist 2-3 months ago (i was blacklisted for showing the DU and CG models like a week before they dropped). Also since my blacklist and the conversations i had with jad, jayarr and other devs/director+ ive had an extensive amount of time to ponder on my mistake and figure out the correct way to deal with sensitive situations like the one that got me blacklisted. Lastly i want to help the server return to its almost hourly events and having there be 3-5 deployments a week and i would love to make this a reality again. I have plenty event ideas ready for execution, multiple dupes for any map and tons on building experience and time to grow once more in the staff team

Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): im  senior in highschool and work at mcdonalds again. i play football and baseball. i live in north carolina but born in ohio. ive played synergy since the creation. ive bought gta around 13 times. 

Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: i was VA and GMO

How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server?: DU HS MAJ Brimstone: Ya they sound something like this. AAAGGGHHHHAUUUU! | GM KU MED  1stLT Misfit has played for 5756:48:46.

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Number 1 Dickhead.

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+1.... again........ damn.

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 Current: GM DD MED Mystic Former: Abraham's XO Pit Droid l Admin l Final SO Commander Jet


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+1 for the like billionth time

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Current: BH Main | Part-time Jedi Main

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Current: Rancor SUPL CSM Silvy Naval PO Silvy, 3rd Sector Knight Tiplar
Former: HS/DU HWSL CSM Crush (Silvy), 21stSO ARF REGO WO Death, SA x2, GM/GH and Alpha-22 2ndLT MEDL Aven, Master over Stockings in Boxing fights

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+1 known misfit for quite a while, genuine person who’s had a big impact on the staff team and will continue to do so despite any set backs.  Also it was a retarded decision to remove him from staff/GM in the first place. 

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You have been ACCEPTED for an interview!

Please contact a Veteran Admin+ to organise your interview!

Failure to do so within 7 DAYS of this post will result in the DENIAL of your application.


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