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Name: Drone

Staff Rank: SA

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:226919721

Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 7/29-8/5  (1 Week)

Reason: Family Trip I Dont Want To Go To

Do you understand that if you go LOA/ROA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA/ROA on any RC character, or go LOA/ROA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: Yes

Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: Yes

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Your LOA has been APPROVED and LOGGED.

Please notify us if your LOA is to end early, by tagging me here with an @.

If you have not requested an extension to your LOA before the original date then you will be assumed to be off LOA after the LOA period is complete.

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Your LOA has been logged as COMPLETED.

If this is an error and you require more time, please contact a Head Admin or a Director immediately.


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