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Liaison application

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What is your name?: Caden

How old are you?: 18

What's your SteamID32?: STEAM_0:0:183920014

What is your Discord?: Caden#2046

Provide us with a schedule of your available activity: My schedule from a day to day basis would be anywhere from 12 PM, PST to 10 PM, PST(including all days of the week and weekends). 

List some of your strengths and weaknesses: The strengths that will benefit me in this application will be kindness, and confidence. I make a 100% effort in anything I do, there will be no try when I am doing actions and conversations. The weaknesses I have are confidence and patients, but with how my life has been going and the methods I have been putting forth are making me strive in confidence and patients. Accepting yourself can be hard but when you have that down you can do anything.

Why do you want to become a member of the Liaison Team and why should we pick you over other applicants?: I believe it would benefit me not only for the server but also as a person. This can be a path for me to shine and let people know I am here to help with anyone. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am 18(August 26, 2003) I am also a karate instructor as well as a City worker, I am great at dealing with problems, also coming up with ideas but also getting that idea in action. I roleplay as a CG on the server and am openly active with members. I like star wars of course and also like teaching as well being an instructor and a mentor as well.

What are some things you would want to improve within the community?: I would like to improve the entire roleplay, I believe there are some conversations I have overheard that were completely unacceptable and will strive to fix that problem and make the community and server roleplay a better environment. 

How well do you understand the community and its rules?: I enforce and follow them to a daily basis as I am on the server. So my understanding for server and community rules are at a high peak.

Do you understand that we expect you to be professional and mature while performing your duties?: I completely agree and understand and expect the same as it's to be expected as a Liaison to show maturity and professionalism at all times.

Do you understand that by applying and if you get accepted, the Lead Liaison and Management Team reserves the right to terminate your services for any reason at any time?: I am aware and also agree to those terms.

Upon becoming a Community Liaison, do you agree to keep any and all topics confidential?: Yes, I will keep all conversations/topics Redacted as it's a personal security. 

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I thought there aren’t any spots open? @Woeny @Gears


Could’ve sworn it was capped at 3

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