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Ight I’mma head out.

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@ VIP - Brooklynfurry

@Dennis Good luck fixing shit chief

@Satan 5 TB of hentai

@Shockpointif you wanna make dope ass events together some time hit me up

@ Head Admingood luck have fun



























































idk what you’re looking for down here, y’all already know why I left go read my HA resignation. Here’s my discord if y’all wanna talk with or what not Mitchell#0084 or if you wanna hear why I resigned cause you’re too lazy to read my HA resignation

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Guild Lieutenant N'eko                                                                                                      Bacta                 Marvel               Brooklyn


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o7, you were one of the people who could be counted on to speak their mind and even though that can be REALLY ANNOYING sometimes it's still a rare quality. Good luck out there Mitchell 

Intelligence Agent 'Esk'
I was A'den for 2 days which was cool

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