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Staff members being toxic and body blocking

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RP Name: NAME2

Steam ID:76561199146911332

Staff member you are reporting: idk all the names but there in the clip

Staff Members Steam ID (If applicable): N/A

Staff Members Wrong-Doing: body blocking TPing me and my friend to body block

Explain the situation: we were 2nd floor hall way and 3-4 admins and many other people lined up to body block for around 10mins

Evidence (If applicable): my friend has a clip of them tping us i can put the clip in when i get it


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Hey, so me and @Bactacan give some insight into this situation as we were the ones directly involved in trying to sort it out. 

So the clips are indeed true, whether or not there was misconduct upon staff's part I believe is undeniable. You should not of been treated in the way you were, and staff were most certainly acting unbecoming of a staff member. However, your conduct and behavior before, during, and after the situation in question is inexcusable.  The berating and continued disrespect members of the server, not only just the staff in question, is honestly gross to me. I informed you that the situation was being forwarded and resolved, you expressed your understanding, and went on to have you and your buddy to be incredibly disrespectful and rude to others ingame.

Saying things like "kill all f*ggots*, as far as I have been made aware, more derogatory and degrading language towards other was used in excess.

This situation has been forwarded to the proper higher up's and I am sure will be resolved. For now, I would rather you be genuine and recognize your portrayal of these events are incredibly disingenuous.

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No actual staff abuse has been seen in those clips. I will be moving this report to completed and talking with involved staff members about their general behavior.

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Just a quick update. Kirito will be talked to for teleporting people to their bunks. Any questions involving that situation direct my way. Was half asleep when watched those videos. Apologies for missing out on that.

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First and only Polish Director:pepeSheesh:

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