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[Clone Wars] Blacklist Guidelines

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==========[ Blacklisting Rules & Guidelines ]==========

  • Blacklists may not contain uninformative/inappropriate reasons (blank reasons, ‘not fit for X battalion’, undescriptive terms such as ‘minge’, reasons that use disrespectful language, ‘suspected of X’).
  • Blacklisted individuals cannot be re-blacklisted for a prior offence they’ve already been blacklisted/banned for, or old offence (if blacklisted for MRDM, may not blacklist again for that same MRDM after time served).
  • Blacklists may not be ‘no appeal’.
  • Blacklists must have an issue date and issuer of blacklist (X High Command/ N/A not allowed).
  • Active blacklists must be on a current battalion roster to be valid.
  • Blacklists may only extend to 6 months of their initial issuance.
    • 3 blacklists equaling 6 months or more in a battalion can result in a permanent blacklist with appeal.
    • Permanent blacklists with appeal can be added to players who have caused irreparable damage to the battalion.
    • Directors can be approached if an exception needs to be made for the Permanent Blacklists rulings.
  • To transfer a blacklist to an-other battalion it requires High Command approval.
    • Directors can be approached if a permanent blacklist needs to be transferred to another battalion.


==========[ Approved Permanent Blacklists ]==========

To find the list of all approved Blacklists for unlimited duration, click here.


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