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Droid Commando 4269 wants to play games

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Name: Mexico

Who helped (If applicable): Orion, Stix, Meaty

Event/Encounter Name: Droid Commando 4269 wants to play games

Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional):  

Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Commandos and droid commando 4269 plant bombs around base, they make the troops disable them and spread their zombie troopers if the bombs go off, they steal intel from the chancellor and retreat to geonosis where their zombie troops wait for the republic. Once the troops made it into the factory they negotiated with a geonosian who threaten to release toxins unless they guessed the correct Commando 4269. They eventually befriended 4269 and reprogrammed him to serve the republic.



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Was only there for a bit, but a bit of event advice; if a commando droid has planted bombs, it's completed its mission. It doesn't really make any sense for the droid to... announce the fact to its enemies. I saw a lot of people being confused about why the Commando was so polite.

Cute Guy / Parjai 2 / First Mate / Barriss Offee / Director of da Gamemaster Team


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