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What is your name?: In game Glizzy IRL: Logan

How old are you?: 22

What's your SteamID32?: STEAM_0:0:125734064

What is your Discord?: GlizzyGlock0#4649

Provide us with a schedule of your available activity: Weekdays: 1630-2030 Weekends: Most of the time of the weekends

List some of your strengths and weaknesses: Strength- I know a lot of people in the community.

                                                                                  Strength- I'm a good understanding guy

                                                                                  Strength- I always put people before myself

                                                                                  Weakness- I fall asleep at my computer while on the server

                                                                                  Weakness- My timezone 

                                                                                  Weakness- Doubting myself sometimes

Why do you want to become a member of the Liaison Team and why should we pick you over other applicants?: Well I feel like you'll need discipline. So lets say when you deal with problems you can't get angry and blow up on the person. Talk to them like a human being and address them what they did.

Tell us a bit about yourself: Well most people already know but.... my name is Logan and I am a marine in Okinawa Japan Stationed. What I like doing here is scuba diving, Paintballing, and exploring historical sites. I'm a big history buff anything about wars, guns, and, the way people live backed then I either know or learning as well. In the Marine Corps my jobs consists of setting up fuel site in remote classified locations so aircraft can refuel halfway to their mission. I have been to multiple countries Japan, North and south of japan, South Korea, and Philippines and, the marshal Islands.

What are some things you would want to improve within the community?: Get rid of the toxic people that has seep through. And to help and get to know more of the community.

How well do you understand the community and its rules?:  Yeah, pretty well. I might not know every single detail but I know the main thing I always pull the rules Doc up if I have any questioning on them.

Do you understand that we expect you to be professional and mature while performing your duties?: Of course 100%

Do you understand that by applying and if you get accepted, the Lead Liaison and Management Team reserves the right to terminate your services for any reason at any time?: Yes

Upon becoming a Community Liaison, do you agree to keep any and all topics confidential?: Yes of course

Dancing Hot Dog GIFs | Tenor
                                     212th's Most Loyal Heavy, Heavy Officer, Warrant Officer, Ghost Company Threepwood, The finest Glizzy of all the lands

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+1 Glizzy is a solid person to talk to. He's really helpful in 212th in various different ways. I'd like to see him at least get a chance at Liason


Former: Rancor PVT | Special Operations SGM | TR | Consular

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