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Jedi Council Records 05/29/2021

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Jedi Council Agenda


Tabled Items


Have a prerequisites to the Knight Trial and then when they pass it they then go to the knight trial that focuses on the core of the jedi and have a section on the Branch they are in

Revamp the knight trial so that there's small differences to the branch they are in

Have a Branch based Trial before/after the Knight Trial 

Increase of difficulty on Knight trials or making it more difficult in general to achieve Knight- Stormzy

The Mad-mans infrastructure change idea

The core of the Idea is the BH system we have the one Knight rank we exchange renown for merits or whatever

and Like the original plan for the merits system but this time we came have them earned through doing our missions we can have branch retailed ones and whatever

But to add incentive what we'd have to do is lock away crystals and variants to a point lIke keep basic green blue yellow open for use and then like the current BH tier system the higher you get you unlock the ability to use certain colours variants and the like and optional titles we could tie hilts in there if we really wanted not sure I would but its a open option.

it's all automated and tractable like our BH stuff

of course this doesn't affect anything branch related but its proven to work in BH 

the only thing we would need to work on is our own Jedi RP guidelines (acceptable practice and the like) these parameters will be loose but we'd need lines written in stone that can't be crossed or if they can then they can be crossed in X context 

we'd have to go for our own freeform RP 

if we want then we could add strike teams back but have them function like the BH clans do.

Then only thing then is if you want branches to stay purely as tryout machines still or change them to try and fit in (but personally I'd leave em as is)

Yeah it functions like levels now with our tiers like x amount of correctly completed tasks levels you up in our system and you become a tier higher with a benefit(edited)

It would also help because it requires minimum oversight form us really other than checking in that our guidelines are being followed approving and denying things as necessity and because its all player based and small groups  they will do there own stuff and not bother us as much for hand holding them through RP

That or we can do it like the current Tier system which works on how many successful missions you complete you gain xp and you can level up your tier by completing a certain amount successfully(edited)

It might create a grind but at least they get something out of it vs a extra number in their name but that would be the cost to get this to work as it's our only controllable factor that isn't what you put in your name or giving you money


Action Items (to be voted on) (Knight Suggestions)
Knight trials cooldown idea -Jumes 2021



Big demotions, All Knights with 500+ TIG are to be demoted to Padawan. They do not play on the server realistically and this will help clear the Jedi Knights. Those who are still currently active will remain - Stormzy


ACEL - Open 

Branch Overseer- Open-Marr ACCEPTED
TGL- Open- BlueCar 


Named Master Promotions

Adi Gallia - Open 

Jocasta Nu - Open
Ki-Adi Mundi - Open

Quinlan Vos - Open
Plo Koon - Open

Hett-Open Rocksteady Waived by Ja’Baku

Kit Fisto - Open

Cin Drallig- open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)
I’m going to work on more lore questions for Knight trials because I can - Marr

Give feedback on rework of part 3 of knight trials  : - Marr
Updated Youngling Trial(ish): - Marr

Make it mandatory to pass the RP section of Knight Trials and make them a larger part. - Marr

Gears Proposal - Gears

Forseen’s thing - Who knows who posted this?
Battalion reports? -Jumes

Global Jedi Meeting (New Items)

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