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[Global] Community Ban Information

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Community Ban Information

For the sake of Community transparency, this thread will serve to house our list of users who are permanently banned from the Community as per the rule of the Founders. These people will not be unbanned alongside others in the event of our ban wipe that occurs every 6-months. If you ever find yourself on this list, you will need to contact a Founder to schedule a meeting to plead your case to the Founders, and a decision will be made (by the Founders) on whether or not you will be allowed to appeal to the Community.

Most members on this list are here due to either an extreme amount of repeated offenses or offenses of a high enough caliber to warrant a permanent ban. This thread will be utilized by the Founder team with comments to update the community on permanent ban information.

For the privacy & protection of the members below and members of the community, specifics will not be given as per the reasons for these bans however where appropriate, specifics may be given at the discretion of the Founder team.

















If you believe you have any information of interactions from any of the users listed above within the community, such as but not limited to, being on one of our platforms (TS, Garry's Mod Server, Discord), please inform a platform moderator or member of High Staff / Community Management.

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Logic was recently put back onto the Community ban list. He was informed that any minor incidents within 3 months of his appeal would be an automatic and instant re-addition to this list. In addition to that stipulation any major offence or a continuous pattern of toxicity or drama across any/all of Synergy's Platforms could also constitute a re-addition to this list. After close examination by the Founder team it has been deemed that Logic was in violation of the second stipulation of his unban. Across both the forums and various community discords, Logic has shown that he has fallen back into his old ways of toxic behavior.

If you have any questions please feel free to talk with a member of high staff or the Liaison team.

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