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Jedi Council Records 04/03/2021

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Jedi Council Agenda


Tabled Items


Action Items (to be voted on) (Knight Suggestions)

Pink Crystal Rework- Stormzy

*Going over Trials(Knight and Padawan)-Stormzy

*Going over Mission Board- Stormzy

*Discord rework- Stormzy

*Branch Skill tree rework- Stormzy







TGL - Open 


Named Master Promotions

Shaak Ti - Open 

Cin Drallig - Open 

Luminara Unduli- Open 

Kit Fisto - Open -  Elijah

Adi Gallia - Open 

Jocasta Nu- Open

Arligan Zey- Open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)
Adding Padawan/Knights like Tyzen Xebec (like tiplee and tiplar) Ja’Baku

Add a universal “title”/un-official job. - Marr

Global Jedi Meeting (New Items)


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1 hour ago, Craigary said:
2 hours ago, Stormzyyy said:

Adding Padawan/Knights like Tyzen Xebec


This was just an example he brought up. At the current moment none will be added. 

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