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Jedi Council Records 3/27/21

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Jedi Council Agenda


Tabled Items


Action Items (to be voted on) (Knight Suggestions)

Rough Draft of Jedi Mission Board - Ja’Baku





Remove [REDACTED] - Clutch/Ja’Baku


Sentinel Lead- Open - Marr - Rocksteady - Guppies

ACE Lead - Open - Drew - Foxey - Bluecar 
For those who are questioning why these have been up for 3 weeks. The person doing them got busy throughout the week but is doing them this week.


Named Master Promotions
Cin Drallig - Open 

Luminara Unduli- Open 

Kit Fisto - Open 

Adi Gallia - Open 

Jocasta Nu- Open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)
Add a “misc tasks” section to merits for small, un-important tasks. - Marr

Feedback about batt jedi - Elijah 

Discord Event logger Limit to 1-3 - Ja’Booboo


Global Jedi Meeting (New Items)


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