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Jedi Council Records 2/27/21

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Jedi Council Agenda


Tabled Items


Action Items (to be voted on) (Knight Suggestions)

New Jedi Discord- Stormzy TABELED


Revamp the saber system yet again remove the poorly implemented leveling aspects and return to the previous specific branch sabers with the branches abilities unrestricted behind a poor grindy afk system then add all the stances back to the sabers and remove stamina. ~ Scarecrow DENIED


Make it so whenever we put a suggestion or a council vote up in discord to be voted upon, instead of everyone just -1 or +1, make it so that they need to provide at least 1 sentence on their reasoning behind their vote. - Luther


Make it so when we deny someone for any sort of position or promotion (such as Knight Watch, Branch Lead, etc…)  we take the input from the people who -1d them and the person that put them up for the position explains to the person they put up why they got denied. - Luther ACCEPTED




Two Knights- Stormzy DENIED


Named Master Promotions
Cin Drallig - Open 

Ki-Adi-Mundi: - Open 

Arligan Zey - Open - Someone ACCEPTED

Luminara Unduli- Open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)


Global Jedi Meeting (New Items)


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