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Jedi Council Record (02/13/2021)

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Jedi Council Agenda


Tabled Items

Action Items (to be voted on) (Knight  Suggesting)


*NEW THING* Repeal the rule that clones can just enter the temple who are CPT + or in a certain group perm and make it so master + has to approve all entries clone side. ~ Scarecrow EO Accepted






Named Master Promotions

A'Sharad Hett: - REDACTED
Cin Drallig - Open

Ki-Adi-Mundi: - Open 

Arligan Zey - Open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)

General PTS about updating the Knight Trial Doc - Luther
Activity | Updated Document - Ghost


Global Jedi Meeting (New Items)

Edited by Elijah

Current: 2ndLT ARFO Coke 

Past: Delx2, Boomerx8, Anakinx2  Eeth Kothx2, Lumi, Quinlan, Adi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti, 501st CMD, 91st CMD 

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