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Question: Is anything going to be done about the join message because its still being spammed and at this point its getting annoying and i personally along with others rather not be on the server with this annyoing shit going on?

Comments/Concerns: Its going to drive away players who join cause its going to be annoying and in general its going to drive our normal players away too due to the fact that no one wants to sit there and listen to that shit, i was hoping it would've been worked on yesterday while we were on ES. So is it going to be removed or fixed anytime soon.

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2 hours ago, Dragon said:

It is being worked on but to my understanding it is very difficult to get done as it is built into the source code of the game. @Maxwellsis working on a fix.

It is not exactly build in the source however its more like an addon that we have had and we are unsure which it is. It takes to search all those files

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