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[Global] Community Ranks

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Community Leadership
[Community Founders that oversee and lead community operations, all ranks below are equal, act as a collective Leadership Council, but each has a focus area]

[ Dragon ]
[ Forseen ]
[ Jad ]
[ Square ]

Community Management
[Community Management team that helps oversee all aspects of the community. All ranks below are considered equal and report to the Founders above]

(Oversees the staff team for all servers, will be involved and lead the forefront for selecting new Head Admins & Server Directors)
(Oversees all server content suggestions, and management of the Intelligence Team responsible for testing and voting on each suggestion and new content)
(Oversees the Game Master & Training Departments, must be actively involved in both GM & Training oversight within all community servers)


[ Sock Monkey ]
[ Woeny ]

Server Staff & Ranks
[Community & Server Staff Team, all server staff are overseen by the High Staff, while all High Staff are overseen by the Community Management Team

--- High Staff ---

Head Admin

-- Staff --

Veteran Admin
Senior Admin
New Admin


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