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[Global] Community Liaison Team

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Community Liaison Team

What is the Community Liaison Team? 

The Community Liaison Team is the bridge between our community and our staff team whilst also interacting with other communities if needed. 

  • If you have any problems with a member of the staff team from another server, you can contact us and we'll take care of it for you!
  • If you have any problems with a member of the Synergy Staff Team and you are a member from a different server, you can contact us and we'll take care of it for you!
  • If you have issues with a staff member in the Synergy Staff Team and you aren't comfortable with speaking about it to High Staff or don't want to disturb them you may contact us and we will resolve it for you anonymously or with your name with permission from you.

What can the Community Liaison Team do that a High Staff member cannot do?

  • We can conduct investigations into the staff team with anonymity.
  • Resolve issues and concerns without a staff presence or bias.

What can the Community Liaison Team do?

  • Investigate all Synergy Related matters that require anonymity. 
  • Community Based Operations
    • TeamSpeak: Give Channel Admin, Channel Key, Edit Channels, etc.
    • Discord: Basic Moderation.
    • Forums: Basic Moderation.

How do I join the Community Liaison Team?
We are looking for more members of the Liaison Team, I will list certain criteria that we look for.

  • Well respected and notable members of the community.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
    • In order to be a Liaison below the age of 18 requires a waiver from the Lead Liaison.
  • Knowledge of how the community operates as a whole both from a player and staff perspective.
  • You cannot be a staff member of any Synergy assets.
    • With exception of Forum Moderators and Discord Moderators.
    • In order to be voted on to become a Liaison you must resign from your staff position, you will not be guaranteed to receive liaison if you resign from staff.
  • Able to keep topics/cases of high importance confidential.
  • Be a good problem solver, along with having good communication skills.
  • Have common sense.

Community Liaison Team Roster




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