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[Clone Wars] Server Rules

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Clone Wars

Server Rules
(click the "Server Rules" text)

The above is a document containing all the rules for the Synergy Roleplay Clone Wars server. For the rules not explicitly stated in the document, there is a reference link to documents containing rules for specific areas.



These rules are subject to change whenever necessary, however anytime the rules are changed, a change-log will be posted in response to this thread.

Loopholes are not to be used and common sense is to be used at all times 

If you have changes that you wish to see made to the server rules, please bring your suggestion to a High Staff member (Head Admin+). These changes will be addressed by the Directors. High Staff have final say in discrepancies of the rules 

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13FEB21 : 

Rules have been updated and removed on the official Server Rule Doc addition: 

Section A: 36. - .1 .2 New rules regarding CIS Interaction and action.  CIS Rules and Operations has been added to the Doc at the bottom.  

Removal: 3 day battalion Rule = 7 day blacklist from all battalions has been removed. 

Addition to Section D: Rule 6: Geonosis Is to be used as a last resort when all other republic property is taken or unusable.

20FEB21 : 

Section B: Added Rule 13: Using your weapon to waste ammunition to "charge" a weapon is prohibited. Ex: Firing at the ground 4 times to "charge" the Mandalorian Rifle for the insta kill shot.


Section D: Added Rule 7: Legacy Rule: Limits Legacy to be set to 1stLT or Below.

Section H: Cloaking Rule 11: Cloaking Personnel can not cloak in front of opposition.

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