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11/27/2020 Council Meeting Notes

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Action Items (to be voted on):
On failed vote for Knight Watch, institute a 1-2 week cooldown - Stormzy - Passed
Changing of Initiate/Knight Trials (Include more helper positions) or at least a rewrite of the documents & Assigning of who will be in charge of this, including an answer key for crystal color,etc. - Forseen - Passed
Making it that branch overseer can be assigned to; Kenobi, Mundi, Drallig, Koon - Maverick - Failed
Re-add the Trial of Spirit Models that were removed & look for new models - Gears - Passed
Special Titles for Masters, ie. Negotiator for Kenobi - Forseen - Passed

Amendment to item 3 - Allow all characters to obtain the Branch Overseer position - Forseen - Passed

Knight Suggestions & Nominations:
Redacted for Pink Crystal - Failed

Redacted | Knight Watch - Forseen - Passed
Redacted | Knight Watch - Forseen - Passed
Redacted | Master Interview - Gears - Passed

Named Master Promotions:
Cin Drallig: Open
Adi Gallia: Open
Ki Adi Mundi: Open Tomm- Passed
Plo Koon: - Open
Luminara Unduli: - Open
Aayla Secura: - Open
A'Sharad Hett: - Open
Kit Fisto: - Open

Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional):

Open Floor PTS (Optional):
Possible New Watchlist changes - Gears

:gasp: Yoda 11/15/2020- 1/16/2021  (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

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