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11/20/2020 Council Meeting Notes

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Suggestions for changes in the Order (EO)

Remove Option for Free Promo to General for Obtaining a Lore Position - Maverick Passed

Change Masters Saber Single Saber and increase the force power to 300 - Gears Passed

Open the temple lobby to Clone/BH discussion - (To what extent) Elijah Passed


Knight Suggestions (EO)

Allow Astromechs to wander away from Knights+ - Gears Passed


Recommendations for Promotion/Demotion/Removal/Knight-Watch 


Master/Branch Interviews

Redacted for Master interview - Elijah Passed to Interview

Ace Lead - Open - Gears Passed


Named Master Promotions (EO)

Cin Drallig: Open
Adi Gallia: Open

Ki Adi Mundi: Open

Plo Koon: - Open

Luminara Unduli: - Open

Aayla Secura: - Open

Anakin Skywalker: - Open - Gears Passed

A'Sharad Hett: - Open

Kit Fisto: - Open


Battalion Jedi Feedback (Optional)


Open Floor PTS (Optional)

Update about Senator Jedi - Elijah

Current: 2ndLT ARFO Coke 

Past: Delx2, Boomerx8, Anakinx2  Eeth Kothx2, Lumi, Quinlan, Adi, Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti, 501st CMD, 91st CMD 

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