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  1. i appreciate the feedback thank you this was my first encounter
  2. Name: Seabass Who helped (If applicable): Bogey,Nalon Event/Encounter Name:Bobba fett Cad bane secret encounter Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Cad bane and Boba Fett took a mission by jabba the hutt to steal key locations of separatist representatives/diplomats that the hutts wanted to know for potential business deals with the CIS. Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: cad bane and Boba fett
  3. 9/10 good for first event keep it up best gm ever
  4. 9/10 for first deployment good shit loved being a GH
  5. 9/10 solid depolyment was pretty fun
  6. +1 you would be a good and active staff member good luck
  7. Title of Thread: CWRP - (Name) Staff Application RP Name: Seabass/Derel Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:558242660 VIP (Y/N): Y Age: 14 turning 15 april Timezone: Eastern American Tell us why you want to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): I want to be an administrator because I want to help people get trained as a CC, I want to help with encounters and events, I also would like to be able to respond to tickets and be a bigger part of the community as a whole. I've joined this server about two months ago and ever since its been what i put most of my free time into, if i become staff i feel i would be able to do more good . Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): My name is Seabass and i love star wars and marvel, ive been playing games like GTA, War Thunder, Pavlov, and GMOD for a while, my favorite show is the clone wars and my favorite movie is Revenge of the sith. I used to play roblox star wars before i got my PC two years ago because it couldnt run gmod. I am very active on the server and my first batallion was 104th and now i am currently in CG and Naval mainly. Do you have any previous staff experience? If yes, please elaborate on what you have accomplished: Not on Gmod, but on other games like roblox ( i know it sounds fuckin stupid) ive been admins in some smaller groups and have helped with setting things up/dealing with trolls and other things. How many hours of in game time do you currently have on our Clone Wars server?: 463:41:31 and i have about 635.7 hours on gmod, I've played gmod before a shit ton before though with my brother.
  8. really liked it, i was the ambassador so it was super fun to have some rp interrogation, loved the droid rp and honestly the first ever 10/10 ive ever had personally, 10/10 well done
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